How Does It Feel, Trump’s Victory?

William Burwood, 57, poet/writer

“I’m not homeless, this is planet Earth, I live here. God said I could.

I would’ve voted for Johnson if I was registered in California, but my second choice would’ve been Mr. Trump. Reason #1: He’s not Hillary. I would’ve loved to have seen Margaret Chase Smith take the Republican nomination at the Cow Palace in 1964. That was a great woman, the model for Lacey Davenport in the Doonesbury cartoons, a senator. 

Rachel, 39, registered nurse, Haight-Ashbury resident for 6 years

“I have never been so glad to have a Canadian passport! I hope Trump’s victory inspires people to pay attention, because there’s a clown at the wheel.”

Dan Reed, author

“Regardless of any politics at all, I believe Trump’s victory is absolutely a win for this entire country and for everybody in it, and practically for the world, because of this: Today, the day after the election, I have heard four outside, open air protests against different things — mostly Trump, other things — but loud protests, outbursts from people, long lines, a hundred down on Market Street, young kids that you would think would be Democrats or Republicans, whatever, techies. People breaking out that you would think wouldn’t be political at all, and just going, “Fuck Trump!” Outward protests from people. Today, I’ve heard four of those.

I live in San Francisco, and yesterday I heard no protests. If I count back over years, I have heard nothing like I heard today. This is the kind of world that I want to live in. I would protest against me if it was there. I like protests, and that is what the American way is about. The American way is protest, and those are Americans being Americans. So the result is this: It’s gets people out of their shells. We want all of the different opinions to be there, so we want them all out of their shells. It is an a-political question that it is a good thing. Any response, to people coming out and we know where they stand and banding together as a group in the community in a small, grassroots size, is great. All politics are local.”

Armando, works at Haight Street Market

“I think Trump being elected as president is — among other things that people don’t talk about — is a knock, a huge knock, against globalization and neo-liberalism, which, some would argue is just as evil, if not more, than Trump. Doesn’t mean the guy isn’t a racist or a sexist, but it will be interesting to see how the economic future of the United States pans out.”

benji2Benjy, co-author of Bill Kreutzmann’s book, “Deal”

Mr. T, owns Central Haight Market


“Trump’s victory signifies the fall of Rome. I feel like Rome is burning and I feel like winter is coming.”

Guadalupe, 22, works at Jammin on Haight

[Huge laugh] “Oh my god, this is the worst thing that has happened to this country, it’s a disgrace of what we stand for, or at least what I thought we stand for. At first I thought, “Maybe I should move back to Mexico, but I think with working here at Jammin’ and what we stand for? We’re still gonna spread the rainbows, the sparkles and the love.”

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