What Are You Most Thankful for in 2016? Part 2

Pamela Gerstein at Little Wing

Pamela Gerstein, BISS List and woman extraordinaire [She was “23” on the tape recorder]

Twenty-three? That’s my lucky number! That’s perfect. I am thankful for all of my friends and family and support in my community that has gotten me through the last year. I’m thankful for Linda Kelly!

Happy and pup

Happy, street person

I am thankful for plants because they are the elegance of beauty and nature’s natural order. I’m very appreciative of plants in 2016 and in the present moment.

Jim Kirk

Jim Kirk, artist, local resident, born and raised San Francisco

I’m thankful that I have work, work that I actually enjoy, I’m thankful that we’re all still here. Can I think about this before you ask me? [NO]. Dammit. Has to be in the moment. Okay, well, it’s hard to say … thankful for the way politics are going? How can you be thankful for all of that? But I’m feeling that everybody’s waking up, that there’s an awakening going on. I’m thankful for the awakening and the apocalypse and all that good stuff.

Dorcas and Eddie

Dorcas, Haight Street busker

I’m thankful for my brand-new baby granddaughter! Her name is “Luna” and I love her and I’m thankful for her.

Eddie, Haight Street busker

I’m thankful that I still wake up hard every morning.

Sonia at Little Wing

Sonia, from Redwood City, shopping in the Haight

I’m thankful for my friends in 2016 for supporting me and being by my side. It’s very cliché, but I love them!

Alison and her sweet pug

Allison, local resident

I’m thankful for my family’s health and my friends and the people closest to me, for getting through whatever challenges together!

Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 3.21.46 PM.png

Victoria, local resident

I’m thankful for the New Year coming, the do-over!

What Are You Most Thankful for in 2016?

Being that it’s Thanksgiving time, Haight Street Voice wandered around the ‘hood and talked to folks to hear what they’re most thankful for in 2016 …

Kelyn, Stanza Coffee Shop

Kelyn Crapp, Haight resident, musician

I’m thankful for the moments of this year that have led me to this moment right now.

Leila, Aaron, Tess (left to right)

Leila, Red Victorian, nomad of the Haight

I’m thankful for people reaching out with their feelings post-election and realizing that everyone cares — kind of fucking amazing!

Aaron, resident of the Red Victorian Hotel, hostel & co-living space, SunChilds Parlour, a pop-up experiment happening inside of that

I am thankful for discovering this collective space for them allowing me to make it my home for the past eight months, which has allowed me to survive cancer treatment. I just got the all-clear last week. And I wouldn’t have done that if it hadn’t been for this amazing community of people. So, yay co-living, and yay Haight Street!

Tess, works at Sunchilds Parlour and The Center SF — both on Haight Street

I am thankful for my friends and my partner having the same values and visions of life and wanting to heal this goddamn world!


Sunny & Christian

Sunshine Powers, runs Little Wing and Jammin’ on Haight

“I am thankful for sparkles, rainbows, unicorns and love — man!”

Christian Calinsky, co-founder of “Taking It To The Streets

“I am thankful for the friends and loved ones that I have around me right now.”

Terry, Amal’s Deli

Terry, works at Amal’s Deli

I am thankful for everything. For me being here, yeah. For you being here!




How Does It Feel, Trump’s Victory?

William Burwood, 57, poet/writer

“I’m not homeless, this is planet Earth, I live here. God said I could.

I would’ve voted for Johnson if I was registered in California, but my second choice would’ve been Mr. Trump. Reason #1: He’s not Hillary. I would’ve loved to have seen Margaret Chase Smith take the Republican nomination at the Cow Palace in 1964. That was a great woman, the model for Lacey Davenport in the Doonesbury cartoons, a senator. 

Rachel, 39, registered nurse, Haight-Ashbury resident for 6 years

“I have never been so glad to have a Canadian passport! I hope Trump’s victory inspires people to pay attention, because there’s a clown at the wheel.”

Dan Reed, author

“Regardless of any politics at all, I believe Trump’s victory is absolutely a win for this entire country and for everybody in it, and practically for the world, because of this: Today, the day after the election, I have heard four outside, open air protests against different things — mostly Trump, other things — but loud protests, outbursts from people, long lines, a hundred down on Market Street, young kids that you would think would be Democrats or Republicans, whatever, techies. People breaking out that you would think wouldn’t be political at all, and just going, “Fuck Trump!” Outward protests from people. Today, I’ve heard four of those.

I live in San Francisco, and yesterday I heard no protests. If I count back over years, I have heard nothing like I heard today. This is the kind of world that I want to live in. I would protest against me if it was there. I like protests, and that is what the American way is about. The American way is protest, and those are Americans being Americans. So the result is this: It’s gets people out of their shells. We want all of the different opinions to be there, so we want them all out of their shells. It is an a-political question that it is a good thing. Any response, to people coming out and we know where they stand and banding together as a group in the community in a small, grassroots size, is great. All politics are local.”

Armando, works at Haight Street Market

“I think Trump being elected as president is — among other things that people don’t talk about — is a knock, a huge knock, against globalization and neo-liberalism, which, some would argue is just as evil, if not more, than Trump. Doesn’t mean the guy isn’t a racist or a sexist, but it will be interesting to see how the economic future of the United States pans out.”

benji2Benjy, co-author of Bill Kreutzmann’s book, “Deal”

Mr. T, owns Central Haight Market


“Trump’s victory signifies the fall of Rome. I feel like Rome is burning and I feel like winter is coming.”

Guadalupe, 22, works at Jammin on Haight

[Huge laugh] “Oh my god, this is the worst thing that has happened to this country, it’s a disgrace of what we stand for, or at least what I thought we stand for. At first I thought, “Maybe I should move back to Mexico, but I think with working here at Jammin’ and what we stand for? We’re still gonna spread the rainbows, the sparkles and the love.”

What the Fuck is Going On?

In the past few weeks as Election Day loomed, I found myself wondering how everyone else is feeling about this frickin’ mess we’re in as I walked around my neighborhood, down Haight Street. I had this urge to simply go up to strangers and ask them, “What the fuck is going on?” and let them speak their minds.

Welp, here it is, Election Day, and though I didn’t connect with a bunch of random locals like I’d intended, as time/life got in the way, I did speak with my favorite local bartender, Lee. Here’s his take on what the fuck is going on.


Linda: Okay, here goes Lee … I’m saying that I’m Linda Kelly and I want to know for my people and my community: What the fuck is going on?”

Lee: I mean, okay, but are we talking about …

Linda: It’s pretty much based on the Olymp — [laughs] — I mean the election.

Lee: The election?

Linda: Based on that pressure …

Lee: Okay. What the fuck is going on is that we have masters who, via a shadow of government — actually a shadow of governments — run nearly the entire planet, a kabbal of quote “elite” psychopaths who have an agenda of a new world order. These people are also in control of the United States government and this election is a fucking joke. Anyone who believes in the two-party paradigm, first of all, is an idiot.

Both of … anybody who reaches that level in our government is preordained by the powers-that-be. They’re hand-chosen, they’re shills. They’re lackeys, they work for the powers that be — the powers that shouldn’t be, Both Hillary and Trump — and Bernie for that matter — are all controlled, they’re puppets, presidents have little to no power. Obama, who was a complete and utter puppet working for his masters. He was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He duped everybody years ago. I was crying wolf at that time — nobody listened to me­. Now we know that we can see that he gave away 16 trillion dollars to big banks, passed the NDAA, the most heinous law ever passed in this country, reinstated the Patriot Act … I mean, where do I stop?

Linda: Wait right there …

Lee: No, no, no — I’m not done. So basically the powers that be want Hillary into power, that’s a fact. They’re going to put her into power. They’re using Trump as a court jester and a divisive device to split up the people, to cause chaos, because Ordo Ab Chao — order out of chaos — is their way of being, and it’s the Hegelion dialectic: problem, reaction, solution. Trump is the problem; Reaction? Everyone freaks out, fights in the streets like fucking animals; Solution, Hillary Clinton, the fucking evil witch that has been they’re choice for a long time. The problem is, she’s a chicken hawk, she’s a war monger, she’s fucking bought and sold, she’s a liar, she’s a murderer — the string of dead people behind her goes miles long. And Bernie, his whole purpose was to take all of the, you know, leaning Libertarian/Ron Paul/youth and sheep herd them like good little sheep, and drop them off at Hillary Clinton’s door, which is exactly what he did and it’s exactly what I said the whole time.

Trump is going to continue acting the fool to keep pushing people towards Hillary. But what’s ridiculous is that the fucking stupid American public are falling for it. And it’s actually backfiring because so many people are (laughs) supporting that fucking weirdo.

So it’s bizarre. We live in a surreal existence. It’s like DaDa world — it’s a completely upside-down world and it’s disgusting and I’m disappointed with humanity, and I try to be optimistic about it but I like to call myself the gregarious misanthrope because I love people but I can’t stand mankind.

Linda: What’s your solution in your own world?

Lee: The first solution …

Linda: In your own life …

Lee: My solution is what I think should be echoed throughout society. The first part of the solution is awakening. We can’t do shit if people are not awake. If people are not aware that the Fed is a sham, that 911 was an inside job, that fluoridated water is poison, mercuries are toxic, GMOs are toxic, chem-trails are real, and this has been proven so I’m not even gonna fucking bother with that one. Until people see the truth [Beatles music in background starts playing: “I am he as you are me …”] right before their eyes hidden in plain sight then we can’t even make a move forward.

The things is, there are 7 billion of us, there are maybe 10,000 of these people who control the planet via the Committee of 300, Bilderberg Group, Bohemian Grove, Skull and Bones — all this shit, all these nefarious, many of them Masonic, secret societies — whatever you want to call it. The term “Illuminati” is dead. They’ve mocked it so much that people just think it’s funny now. The entire media, Hollywood, the music industry — all contain shills, lackeys that work for the powers-that-be as well, it’s so ridiculous.

We need to awaken everyone, and we’re almost at the tipping point, I believe. I’m still an optimist in this whole game. We need to awaken the people first, and once people are awakened, then we can take our numbers and start voting with our dollars against the corporations. All we have to do is vote with our dollars and they’re all going to disappear. Consumerism is part … corporations are part of the biggest problem. Corporate personage in America is one of the biggest problems we face. If we didn’t have corporate personage we would have a lot less problems. If we didn’t have the Fed we have a lot less problems.

And the other thing is the wars. We cannot support these wars, we have to fight tooth and nail against these wars every single day. Any time they try to push a war agenda, we have to stand up, rise up and fight against the wars because a majority of the money in our country goes towards the war machine, and it goes towards killing innocent people in foreign lands, it’s the empire at work. If we don’t support it, then it won’t happen and all that money — $35,000 per citizen will come back to us for not spending that money on war.

So there are solutions. The solutions are less government not more, more Libertarian/almost anarchistic ideals. Anarchy is wildly misunderstood. It’s power of the people, it’s small government, localized government. It’s a totally misunderstood concept because the powers-that-be of course like to spin everything to make it seem evil, even though it’s not. It’s like shamanism or witchcraft — they went in and decimated shamans all over the world to hide that sacred ancient language, ancient knowledge. Same with the ancient mystery schools — all that knowledge, the library of Alexandria, all these things that have been stolen, Tessla’s technology stolen and hidden from us so that they can control the planet.

Free energy already exists. The world is not overpopulated — the problem is resource management and the powers-that-be control the resources. We could easily feed everyone on the planet, easily, feel, clothe and house everyone on the planet. That’s not their agenda. They want population reduction — from 7 billion to 500 million is their goal. Bill Gates has stated this openly. If you have eyes to see, you will see the truth.

That was a rant!

Linda: That was a rant. I think it’s healthy for you.

Lee: In fact, I kind of want to put that on FaceBook.

Linda: One more sentence from you: How do you survive every day, when you wake up in the morning, what gets you through? Is it yoga, is it the way you eat? What keeps you from freaking out?

Lee: Okay, this isn’t going to be one sentence. “They food is thy medicine, they medicine is thy food.” Socrates, father of medicine. The first thing that we need to do is to nourish ourselves. You can’t think properly if you’re not nourished properly, if you can’t live healthily, if you’re not nourished, you have to — I mean (laughs) that’s the only thing that’s keeping me healthy is the fact that I exercise, I practice kundalini, I eat properly, I meditate because otherwise I’d be a fucking mess. I’m up ’til ungodly hours every night, ’til 6-7 in the morning doing research, posting stuff, which is not healthy and I know it’s not but I sort of sacrifice certain aspects of m health in order to get the word out there. It’s that easy. I get attacked every single day for what I post on FaceBook, I … (laughs).

I suffer internally for seeing all this dark stuff that I have to process and go through and vet and research and try to disseminate to whoever will listen. It affects me so I also partake in entheogens — you know, things like Ayahuasca, which cleanse he mind and body and reset the computer and get me back on track. I struggle all the time with trying to be positive and not getting aggressive and angry at people and trying to understand that most people don’t understand and therefore they lash out, they have cognitive dissonance, they’re lazy, they’re apathetic — so I have to have empathy and try to be patient. But it’s the hardest thing in the world. Also, music — I mean having a creative outlet is huge for me, and a lot of what I research ends up becoming lyrics in my songs. So it’s a way for me exorcise those demons as well.

Linda: Do you think Haight Street’s a little bit different than the rest of the world as far as being open to all of the things you’re speaking to?

Lee: Absolutely! I mean I absolutely feel gracious for living in San Francisco for one, such an open-minded city but also living in this bubble that is Haight-Ashbury because there are many like minds I’ve met in this neighborhood. I love this neighborhood. It’s definitely my calling, it’s my home for life — if they’ll let me stay! [laughs]

As far as this neighborhood goes, I’m raising my freak flag high and I’m gonna try and keep it freaky and try to continue keeping the music vibrations and, you know, the love and all that stuff and the psychedelics — I think that’s important.

Linda: Communication.

Lee: Absolutely. So yeah, what gives me peace is when people privately message me and say thank you so much for doing what you’re doing, you know, because it’s a pretty — truthing is a thankless and dangerous job. Like I just told you, I get death threats all the time. I have people yelling at me every single day and it’s unpleasant. I’m not an aggressive or mean person but, you know, when you get hounded every single day for 10 years I’ve been doing this, it starts to wear on your soul [laughs].

Linda: You have to have protection.

Lee: I also do spiritual practices to protect myself. I study things like black magic, I study the occult, I study spirituality, I study ways to protect myself, my spirit and my soul and that’s how I get by, you know?