Connecting the [micro] Dots …

BarlowLindaLeary.jpg[John Perry Barlow, Linda Kelly, Timothy Leary — New York City, 1990]

Back when I was living in Manhattan, writing for music magazines, slingin’ coffee and lunch at SoHo eateries, and dabbling in acting at Strasberg Theater Institute, my random new acquaintance and soon-to-be dear friend, Timothy Leary, told me something I’ll never forget, words of wisdom I live by to this day nearly 30 years later.

Here was a Harvard grad, doctor, father of all-things psychedelic, hanging with a 23-year-old newbie from SF with a Journalism degree to her name. I said, “Timothy, why you hanging with me? I’m just a fresh-outta-college journalist. I’m learning, but certainly not radically intelligent like you.” He replied, “Linda, you are intelligent. Intelligence is the ability to see the relationship between things — and you have it!”

As I sit here writing this today, I am spending yet another day hunting for a job after our division at NBCUniversal’s closed down in May 2015. I was managing editor there for 10 years — that, after 5 years at Lucasfilm working on a documentary film about the original Star Wars — and now, for the life of me, cannot find a job.

I’m having a challenging time connecting the dots, finding the relationship between me and gainful employment. What gives? As the days turn into weeks and months, I’m starting to have a realization: With over 20 years of editorial experience, instead of hunting for a job at a company I’m not even sure I want to hop onboard with — I’m seeing that it might be time to invite people to come to me rather than the other way around. Let me handle your editorial needs, let me solve your word-wrangling problems. THAT, I’m realizing, is the relationship — not the other way around.

Unbridled Publishing is a place where people may come to heal all their content ills — all that are in my power to remedy. Give me a shout and let me help you discover and hone your message, your story.

Let the Editorial Evolution begin!