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Late Night Tea

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 6.00.32 PM“There inside the Forest of Clocks

The more she worried, the darker it got

One step, two step, black sang a riddle

Thinking led to nowhere — found herself in the middle

Curiosity lures the soul with the voice of a child’s mind

And now she finds herself Here

She’s out — just in time.”

–Inspired by a dream, a week before moving from SF to NYC, 1987

Wind chirps and twigs snap, imagination runs wild as her body sits still — the stiller she gets, the more she feels like she’s going crazy — movement keeps her sane, a life force in her that cannot, will not, be contained. Seems they dealt her a dose too big when it came to divvying out life spirit. Hers comes on so strong sometimes she feels like she’s going to explode, she can’t keep up with the pace of her deepest desires, always jumping on the urges, and running with the craziest whims.

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