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Editorial Evolution …

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 1.42.37 PMEarly this morning, the wee hours found me tossing around in bed, wide awake and unable to shake the need to further explore this whole “connecting the [micro] dots” rabbit hole I dove into in yesterday’s blog post. And so here I am, riffing — raw and real.

I’m inspired by the concept of “Editorial Evolution”, a term of which I manifested unexpectedly in my mind’s explorations of life, work and survival in today’s strange, rapidly changing, world of words. Journalism, creative writing, essays — these have mostly all been lumped into “content marketing” and “copywriting” today, all in the name of making more money, sell sell sell instead of read read read …

From micro-dots to dot.coms to the dots of ellipsis … This reoccurring appearance of little round circles tickled my early morning head. Why are these black dots bouncing around in my psyche as we march into the future (much too quickly for this luddite of the learning curve) of the digital race? It is often said that all of life is nothing but patterns, and I do believe that this is the case here.

Follow the bouncing ball, the dancing dot, towards the unknown — trusting that ellipses will get us there safely, if not without a bit of turbulence.

Keep connecting the dots as we tootle along, and hopefully we’ll get by just fine. Here’s to perceiving these patterns towards a more harmonious humanity.


Connecting the [micro] Dots …

BarlowLindaLeary.jpg[John Perry Barlow, Linda Kelly, Timothy Leary — New York City, 1990]

Back when I was living in Manhattan, writing for music magazines, slingin’ coffee and lunch at SoHo eateries, and dabbling in acting at Strasberg Theater Institute, my random new acquaintance and soon-to-be dear friend, Timothy Leary, told me something I’ll never forget, words of wisdom I live by to this day nearly 30 years later.

Here was a Harvard grad, doctor, father of all-things psychedelic, hanging with a 23-year-old newbie from SF with a Journalism degree to her name. I said, “Timothy, why you hanging with me? I’m just a fresh-outta-college journalist. I’m learning, but certainly not radically intelligent like you.” He replied, “Linda, you are intelligent. Intelligence is the ability to see the relationship between things — and you have it!”

As I sit here writing this today, I am spending yet another day hunting for a job after our division at NBCUniversal’s closed down in May 2015. I was managing editor there for 10 years — that, after 5 years at Lucasfilm working on a documentary film about the original Star Wars — and now, for the life of me, cannot find a job.

I’m having a challenging time connecting the dots, finding the relationship between me and gainful employment. What gives? As the days turn into weeks and months, I’m starting to have a realization: With over 20 years of editorial experience, instead of hunting for a job at a company I’m not even sure I want to hop onboard with — I’m seeing that it might be time to invite people to come to me rather than the other way around. Let me handle your editorial needs, let me solve your word-wrangling problems. THAT, I’m realizing, is the relationship — not the other way around.

Unbridled Publishing is a place where people may come to heal all their content ills — all that are in my power to remedy. Give me a shout and let me help you discover and hone your message, your story.

Let the Editorial Evolution begin!