CaliDeadheadsEditorWelcome to Unbridled Publishing — a place to explore the art of storytelling and dive into a world of all-things editorial.

Always wanted to write a book but putting pen to paper is foreign to you? Solution: Just tell me the story, I’ll record you, transcribe your thoughts, edit your words,  and hand back a polished version of your unfolding stories. Check out my rate sheet, here.

Or are you here to simply absorb some thoughts and words that I’ve managed to wrangle and get down on paper? Then, read away! Whether it’s excerpts from my book, Deadheads: Stories from Fellow Artists, Friends & Followers of the Grateful Dead or snippets of my thoughts on life or maybe even just a funny joke I overheard — there are anecdotes woven throughout the site that I hope will resonate with you.

And media: there’s video and audio: from an old clip of Ramblin’ Jack Elliott to an on the Johnny Cash show way back in the ’60s to the Spin Doctors singing “Indifference” at Woodstock  — a song I wrote lyrics for — at Woodstock, come on in for a virtual massage of sorts.

Oh, and that’s my cat, Cali. She’s obviously the editorial director. Cat’s outta the bag.

Wrangling ideas and choreographing words.